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  • Course Details
    All PCA Courses are practical in the Volume and in suits- the exercises will be professionally filmed and animated and footage will be released to the students 2-4 weeks after the course concludes. Each student will receive a free of charge Aftercare PCA Student package PDF. Course content will remain the property of PCA. Any deviation to each course content is down to PCA discretion, but the core of each course will not change. Any issues with Crew and late replacement shall also be at PCA discretion but PCA promise to substitute an appropriate Mentor to ensure no loss of quality occurs for the students. These courses, whilst similar in nature, are designed to offer a slightly different focus depending on the type of performer you are.'Mocap' is orientated towards more physical skill sets, whilst 'Voice' is tailored to more dialogue orientated work. One or both of our courses will be enough to start to work across the Games Industry.
  • Data Protection
    PCA will only keep on file emails, names and other contact details/information submitted by enquires or students partaking on the courses, on a secure server or one paper under lock and key. No other personal information beyond that will be stored and we will not share this with any third party, this is only for internal use. Likeness, Image and Voice use - the Student will sign and accept a talent release form to allow PCA to use exerts from the courses to show in the company’s showreel. We may use stills and footage on social media platforms as well as the website but only from the course they attended and lay no claim to the talent beyond that.
  • Health and Safety
    Our courses are practical in nature. Students must fill out a health declaration form prior to attending. A good level of fitness is required but not more than this. Any injuries or conditions where pre- existing or sudden in nature must be declared to PCA for insurance purposes. A doctors note may be required and asked for. Whilst no exercise will place any student at risk- these courses are engaged by the students at their own personal risk and PCA will take no responsibility for any, including dangerous or unqualified, actions the student takes. Students must read and sign the Studio safety form and must adhere to any instruction made regarding the equipment or practises made by PCA or the Studio technicians.
  • Payments
    Full or part payment is required to secure a place on a workshop. Correspondence alone without payment does not guarantee a place. Final payments will be made 10 days prior to the course start- failure to do so will result in loss of any part payment and loss of the students place. All payments, deposits or instalments are non-returnable and non-refundable unless in the most extreme circumstances at PCA’s discretion. Deferment will be offered up for following courses of the same nature if a student can provide a valid reason but are only valid for a maximum period of 12 months, and must be claimed within that period or the fee is forfeit. Payments are inclusive of all fees, equipment use and showreel footage and any taxes. Payments may not be made in cash. If force majeure / technical difficulties that result in the cancellation of a course occurs- PCA will endeavour to move all places of a course on to the next available slot at no extra cost. PCA will not take responsibility for any issues beyond our control due to others fault but will endeavour to produce another event for all those effected free of charge.
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