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About us

Performance Captured Academy is one of the best training facilities in the industry today.


Our courses are run only by working professionals at the top of their respective fields, all of whom bring a wealth of up to date insider knowledge and experience.

All of our workshops are transparent with no levels to climb, bringing you from beginner to advanced techniques in a single session, ensuring you can walk straight away into a working volume with the confidence you need to lift your performance and gain repeat work. 

The sessions are practical by nature, take place in suits and in a professional working studio, giving each student live and animated footage to create their own showreel, at no extra cost.




Neil Newbon

Founder, Mentor & Director

Neil has over 10 years of experience working in games as an actor, voice actor and director. He specialises in multi-role character design & movement, creature and animal work, as well as martial arts stunts and weapon combat.

Neil works internationally and has appeared in over 80+ titles as lead or supporting lead roles, collaborating with such studios as Capcom, Sony, Square Enix, Bethesda, Zenimax, Axis, Ubisoft, Quantic Dream, Guerilla, Supermassive Games, Fox, alongside many more. His craft in games led him to be a long list BAFTA nominee in 2018 for 'Best Performer'. 

After 4 years mentoring full performance capture techniques, he created Performance Captured Academy, an educational space where to share his practice and ability in the volume.


Saleta Losada

Co-Founder, Director & Photographer

Saleta Losada, London based artist, has been honing her skills in analogic photography for the past several years. Originally a theatre and living art performer, Saleta has blended photography skills with her fifteen years of artistic experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her passions.

With several art awards for her critically acclaimed pieces, film and theatre production experience she meet Neil Newbon who introduced her to the amazing world of the Full Performance Capture. Saleta has since worked professionally in studios such as Imaginarium and Audiomotion for clients like Square Enix and Shloc. She is a co-founding member of Performance Captured Academy as well as Performance Captured Productions.



Ace Ruele

Mentor & Creature specialist

Ace Ruele is an established Actor & Movement Specialist who is known for his unorthodox creature acting abilities within the VFX/Motion Capture industry. His creature and mocap work has been included in a number of AAA titles such as, Legend of Tarzan, Planets of the Apes, VR. Daymare and Marvel Studios - Eternals. From performing to teaching creature acting, Ace is also now developing equipment that enhances how actors perform as creatures to create better data for VFX reference and motion capture. This is done via his company, Creature Bionics.


Lucas Leigh-White

Mentor & Weapon specialist

Lucas Leigh-White is a professional actor, performance capture artist and stage combat weapons master. After training as an actor at LIPA he was accepted on to East 15's unique and highly specialised 3 year BA Acting and Stage combat course, where he mastered the use of many weapon systems both in historical and practical use, including amongst many others.

Lucas is a talented movement artist and stage/film combatant, regularly showcasing his fluidity and efficiency across the board in film, stage, live action and games.


Chris O´Reilly

Mentor & Combat specialist

Chris O'Reilly is an Actor/Combat Specialist for stage and screen with years of intense training in his field. He has a wealth of experience working on many action/stunt teams throughout the industry from feature film to live performance and has travelled the world with his craft. He specialises in brutal realism and storytelling through action.


Tom Roberts

Mentor & Weapon specialist

Critically acclaimed Actor, Tom Roberts bring a wealth of specialist stage combat experience to the Performance Capture Academy Team. Training at LIPA and then East 15, gaining a degree in Acting and Stage Combat, Tom has spent several years working as an actor and fight performer / choreographer for astronomical entertainment brands and television production companies. Tom also runs workshops across the UK enabling young students and fellow actors with the tools to hone in on the craft of stage combat.


Jake S Wynne

Director, Editor & Filmaker

Jake S Wynne has over 20 years of experience shooting various forms of media in the UK and Internationally. Winning numerous awards, Jake specialises in narrative story telling as well as shooting with non-actors in dramatic roles. Passionate about story telling and emerging new techniques and mediums in which story tellers can engage their audience he consistently pulls solid performances from performers of all backgrounds making them feel confident on camera whilst serving the projects needs. A fantastic camera operator as well, Jake has dual roles in PCA, directing students and crafting their show reel material with a keen creative eye.

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