Full Performance/Mocap

21 -22 of August 2021


The more dynamic course. Focusing on beginner to advanced motion capture techniques, character/creature creation, as well as performance capture cinematics work. This 2 day workshop is suitable for every type of performer, especially those who have or wish to have a more physical skill-set in any discipline. No previous experience is needed to take this course.

Day 1 : An introduction to the volume, terminology,  prop work and environments along with game mechanics exercises and industry advice.

Day 2 : It will focus on full performance capture including head cam use, creature design, monologues and group scene cinematics work.


Show reel material included free of charge.

Dates21 -22 of August 2021

Price: £650 - Instalment plan AVL

Location: Creative Assembly Studios

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30th October 2021 

06th November 2021

In collaboration with Creature Bionics, we are happy to present a 2 day workshop, intended for performers who wish to learn how to use arm extensions for creature movements.

Day 1  (In rehearsal studio - not in the Volume) Tutor: Ace Ruele


An introduction for a safe use of arm extensions at a foundation level. Performers will explore how to walk/run using the practical understanding of an ape's physiology and movement. 

Guided by the tutor, every student will construct their own character movements, applying video game mechanics to produce a finished creature.

Home study ( 7 days)


Due to the complexity and nature of the course, students will be given home exercises and the loan of their arm extensions to practice.

Day 2 (Motion capture studio) Tutors: Neil Newbon & Ace Ruele


Practical full day in the volume, learning the foundation of  mocap, and video game mechanics in a professional environment.  Participants will then develop their creature's locomotion created on day 1, which will be captured in studio. 


Show reel material included free of charge.

Dates:  30th October 2021
             06th November

Price: £699 - Instalment plan AVL

Location: Creative Assembly Studios

13 - 14 April 2019

Full Performance/Mocap
Full Performance/Voice

Coming soon

Our full performance/ Voice over training has been designed for those who wish to gain an understanding of voice-over work within the game industry. Focusing on beginner to advanced performance capture and VO techniques, script work, character choices and range. Our specialist mentors will help you to discover methods for analysing different vocal energies, pace and range helping you expand your career into this side of games work. No previous experience is needed to take this course.

Day 1 - A basic intro to motion capture, terminology and ingame locomotion techniques leading to voice production, character design, script and voice reel analysis,  

Day 2 - Will focus on full performance capture including head cam use, multiple monologue, group scene cinematics work and vocal health advice. 

Show reel material included free of charge.

Dates: Coming soon

Price: £700 

Location: TBC

Coming soon

Coming soon

Combat Captured

System 1. Swords ( 12 weeks program every Tuesday)


A pure stage combat weapon system course, spanning three months studying weapon work, handling and techniques for use in performance capture, theatre, tv and film. Open to all performers backgrounds. No previous knowledge of performance capture or stage combat is needed.


With our three highly qualified and experienced weapons masters, we will take you from beginner to advanced working safely and securely, with home training and support throughout. 


You may also film your own footage for use in your showreel at no extra cost. 

Dates: Coming soon
Price: £550 - Instalment plan AVL

Location: TBC